The Little Friends Loom is an interactive activity for children that teaches teamwork, communication, creativity and many more important life skills.  Developed in a classroom by a preschool teacher, Little Friends Loom satisfies numerous objectives of early childhood learning standards.

  • Math skills: use numbers to compare beads or other decorative manipulatives and explore ways to measure yarn.
  • Physical science: solve problems involving properties of objects and materials and make predictions based on prior weaving experiences (for example, longer stitches use more yarn than shorter stitches).
  • Literacy and social development: children exercise their expressive and receptive language skills to work with their play partner on the other side of the screen.
  • Highest point value on ECERS-R art scale: an art activity that is worked on over an extended period of time

We currently offer two different versions of The Little Friends Loom: The Original and the Sit-N-Weave. The Original loom is elevated slightly so that children can stand at it to work on the weaving. The Sit-N-Weave allows them to kneel or sit on the floor since many preschoolers enjoy working from this position. Both models feature the same high-quality, hand-crafted workmanship and natural finish wood for a pleasing, organic effect.

The Little Friends Loom perfectly complements most early childhood curriculums and is particularly suited to the ethics of Waldorf and Montessori approaches to education.

Once completed to the students’ satisfaction, the weaving makes a striking piece of wall art you can display and enjoy in your classroom for years to come. It can be removed for display and replaced with a fresh canvas, to continue the creative cycle.